Coronavirus: The psychological effects of quarantining a city (BMJ)

The Royal Society of Medicine President’s Blogs (link)

The Royal College of Psychiatrists President’s Blogs (list):

1. My first blog

2. Happiness

3. Humbug and Hope

4. Assisted Dying for the terminally ill

5. First steps to making parity a reality

6. Life in The West Wing

7. Trainee or Registrar

8. Election

9. Information about the 2015 Accea Round

10. Our International Congress this year

11. Are we doing too much

12. Transforming Care

13. Coercing people with addiction problems into employment

14. Improving recruitment in psychiatry

15. Mental Health Was the Centrepiece of Jeremy Corbyn

16. Dignity in mental health

17. Mental Health and the NHS

18. Junior Doctors

19. A Christmas Tree Zone

20. Junior Doctors – feedback

21. Adult acute psychiatric care in England

22. Taskforce

23. Stigmatising Attitudes to Mental Health

24. Neuroscience in our Postgraduate Curriculum

25. Making an impact

26. International Congress

27. Whether Gove or May wins on human rights, psychiatric patients will lose

28. What Fresh Hell is This

29. The tasks of the Taskforce

30. Planned strikes by Junior Doctors

31. Satisfaction Guaranteed

32. STP or not TP – that is the question

33. All I want for Christmas

34. It’s official

35. Busy times

36. Happy Birthday to CAACP

37. The gentle art of winning friends and influencing people

38. The Grand Tour

39. 12550 miles later

40. The New Model Armies

41. Psychiatry without borders but with at least one wall

42. Ave Atque Vale

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